Pettinesi Wool

A story lasting 700 years

In the heart of Italy, nestled among the Umbrian Apennine Mountains, surrounded by truffle-rich forests and luscious natural pastures, lies the ancient village of Pettino. We – the Pettinesi – have owned this land since 1486.

We’re Pettinesi, but we’re also Umbrians and Italians, so we love to live. We love our traditions, family and culture. We love eating, drinking and socializing. We love arguing and we love loving. We don’t hold grudges, but we are masters at letting off steam. We’re immersed in timelessness. We’re extremely contemporary and very old fashioned.

We thrive in the four seasons. We are farmers, truffleers, hunters, gourmands, orators and experts at being alive. Because we have quality of life, in everything we do we seek quality.

When you wear our wool you’re wearing a culture, the essence of a place and a people.

Take a stroll…

If ever you happen to wander through the country lanes and fields of Pettino, you will encounter sheep. If you happen to get stuck chatting to the shepherd tending them, he or she will probably tell you that these sheep produce the finest wool in Italy.

The sheep we like to call our Merinos di Pettino. They, too, are descendants of a very noble and ancient race. Their mothers are the offspring of local Vissana sheep and Spanish merinos, a meeting which took place in the 17th Century.

They are also the fruit of technology and innovation. They are inseminated artificially using material from some of the finest wool sheep on the planet. Their fathers are from the other side of the world, Australasia. Which makes them as rare as they are unique.

The Wool

Lana Pettinesi or Pettinesi Wool is the result of centuries of hard work (see photos below:)) We grow our wool to suit people like us. People who love the outdoors but are crazy about an evening aperitivo in the coolest bar in town. People who find pleasure in every season but just can’t resist the call of those Fall colors or a stroll in the first winter snow.

Warm, hard-wearing and soft. This is Italian wool actually from Italy. And like all the best things from Italy it has style, elegance and spirit. It bears culture, history and tradition. Unlike us not everyone treats sheep like part of the family, but let our sheep make you feel part of ours.

Not convinced yet?

About us

Pettinesi Wool is an ever-evolving, ever-developing project. We strive to breed sheep who thrive in these mountains the way we do, and to grow wool that suits our lifestyle. So we know it will bring quality to yours.

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